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A special collection of insightful conversations captured from studios throughout the Business RadioX ┬«┬áNetwork and On-site Broadcasts from key industry Conferences — featuring well known Experts and Thought Leaders from a variety of industries.


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Jack Phillips, Ph.D/ROI Institute Dr. Jack J. Phillips is a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. Phillips provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and major global organizations. The author or editor of more than fifty books, he conducts workshops and presents at conferences throughout the world. Phillips has received several awards for his … [more]

Wilmington Business Radio had a chance to speak with Bob Dorf recently during the CED Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bob Dorf is likely the second most knowledgeable Customer Development expert on the planet, second only to its developer and Godfather, Steve Blank. Together the two spent nearly two years conceiving, outlining, drafting, … [more]

One of the most fascinating interviews we’ve ever done with one of the most insightful and humble leaders on the planet. You will hear Ken’s perspective on “duck behavior” versus “eagle behavior.” You will also hear his passion and plea for business leaders to operate with golden-rule principles. We discuss his book, Lead with Luv, … [more]

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